Rules For Steiner98

The rules for Steiner98 were promulgated early on by Father Tom, and are as simple as can be:
There are no restrictions on content. This is a list for adults, who discuss topics of interest to adults, including sex, addiction, and other topics not appropriate to younger readers. In addition, subscribers should be aware that no one censors their language and all of us have been known to inject expletives that might -- in other circumstances -- have been deleted. Circumspection is *not* in our vocabulary. But if you can look past the "crudities", you will find a lot of interesting discussion takes place here. Discussions you are likely to find no place else on the 'net.

Forewarned is . . . forewarned.

Your Maya May Vary

Some members of the list had trouble coming to terms with the above. Brother Bobby, shown at left in his guise as The Enforcer, kindly drew up the following, comprehensive, list of rules:

  1. There are no rules.
  2. When in doubt as to whether something violates a rule, check Rule 1.
  3. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the rules, as long as it is not in violation of Rule 1.
  4. Tom Mellett, as owner of this private list, makes and enforces all the rules. If you don't like the climate on Steiner98, you can unsubscribe.
  5. Any disputes while Tom is not available will be referred to Moderator Helen Frieze. Anyone with a question about enforcement can go to Helen Frieze.
  6. Anyone found in violation of these rules will be subjected to an Inquisition.
  7. Any amendment to this list of rules must be approved in advance by Tom Mellett.
The Enforcer, with one eye, has no depth perception, so he sees everyone as shallow. With his left arm he can hook folks who try to steal a curtain call. And with his right arm is his sword with which he cut off a rules breaker in mid-sentence.

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