The Steiner Internet: Discussion Groups

Note: Name of List links to web page describing both the list and instructions for joining (where such a page exists.) If you have info on a list not listed here, please let us know!

Anthropos-Science for science from an anthroposophical perspective

Anthropos-Views for discussion of Anthroposophy

Anthroposophia (the ARK) for discussion of Anthroposophy

Spiritual-Science for anthroposophy, lead by The Masters

Rudolf-Steiner (German) colourful language, chatty - LONG threads!

Waldorf for Parents and Teachers, based in the USA

Bruce's List for persons connected with Waldorf schools, namely teachers, parents, ex-pupils, ex-parents and ex-teachers.

Waldorf-Critics for discussion of Waldorf education as viewed from outside the cult of Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf-Teachers-Net for teachers, students and lecturers

Links to Steiner98 Contributor's Homepages

Art Ross: Jaerna Bridge

Bobby Matherne: Good Mtn Press Books

Bobby Matherne & Bruce McCausland's Steiner Study Guide

Bibi van Bussel: Planetary Qualities

Links to Other Sites of Interest

Uncle Taz in Norway

Stephen Tonkin:

Sune Nordwall in Sweden: a site on science, homeopathy, cosmological cell biology and EU as a mechanical esoteric temple and threefolding of society

Anthroposophic Press

Anthroposophy: Anthroposophical Society in the U.S.

Anthroposophy: In German

Rudolf Steiner Archive and E.Library

Philosophy of Freedom

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