JoAnn's Picture Gallery

Peg & Dylan in 98

Peg & Dylan's School Pictures

Peg is appalled that her picture is up on the web. I told her not to worry.....
Dylan, on the other hand, thinks it's "cool"....

JoAnn in 98

Me Today

Actually, I've lost about 30-some pounds since this photo was taken in April...... And I still wear glasses (but not here. )

JoAnn with Bambinas

This is me and Peg and Dylan, on the day of Dylan's arrival: October 9, 1992
Now Dylan looks like Peg did in this picture and Peg is a young lady, not a pixie!!!
Jo and Bambinas
JoAnn, Eileen, & Al

JoAnn & Eileen & Al

This had to be taken in the spring of 1979. How do I know? I'm wearing my Clear Creek Music Festival 1979 t-shirt and my hair is still long -- so it's before I left to go to Japan, where the hair would get chopped!

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