Calendar of the Soul Verses

Thirtieth Week / Twenty Third Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#30) and its polar opposite (#23). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Michaelmas, (which is Verse #26 with Polar verse #27). We are moving towards Christmas (#38), which occurs right after the Winter Solstice and marks the bottom of the lemniscate. (St. John's Tide marks the top).

Please note that this week's Verse (#30) covers the Day of the Dead, November 1.

This week's (#30) has dates of: October 27 - November 2
The polar verse (#23) corresponds to the week: September 8 -14

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                              11     16
                             6        19
                               3     23 <------ (polar verse)
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                               27 - 52 
  (this week's verse) ------> 30     48  
                             33       46 
                              36     42  
           Christmas----------> 38-39  


30. Woche (27. Oktober - 2. November)

Es spriessen mir im Seelensonnenlicht
Des Denkens reife Fruechte
In Selbstbewusstseins Sicherheit
Verwandelt alles Fuehlen sich.

Empfinden kann ich freudevoll
Des Herbstes Geisterwachen:
Der Winter wird in mir
Den Seelensommer wecken.


30th week: (October 27 - November 2)

In the sunlight of my soul
The ripe fruits of thinking
Are springing forth.

In the certainty of self-consciousness
All feeling transforms itself.

Filled with joy!
I am now able
To feel the fall spirit awaken
within me:

Winter will awaken
The summer of my soul.


23. Woche (8. - 14. September)

Es daempfet herbstlich sich
Der Sinne Reizesstreben;
In Lichtesoffenbarung mischen
Der Nebel dumpfe Schleier sich.

Ich selber schau in Raumesweiten
Des Herbstes Winterschlaf.
Der Sommer hat an mich
Sich selber hingegeben.

23rd week: (September 8 - 14)

Autumn now subdues
My senses' strivings for enchantment.

A stifling, hazy mist swirls
Within the revelation of the light.

I myself look into the wide expanse of space,
And see the winter-sleep of fall.

Summer has surrendered itself
entirely to me.


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