Calendar of the Soul Verses

Twenty Fourth Week / Twenty Ninth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#24) and its polar opposite (#29). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Easter, (which is Verse #1 with Polar verse #52). We have passed St. John's Tide (#12), which occurs right after the Summer Solstice and marks the top of the lemniscate. (Christmas marks the bottom). We are now converging toward the crossing point again which will occur at Michaelmas (#26) while the polar verse (#29), is now fast approaching the polar verse to Michaelmas (#27) from the "near future."
This week's (#24) has dates of: September 15 -21
The polar verse (#29) corresponds to the week: October 20 - 26

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                               9     17
                             6        20
                               3     24 <------ (this week)
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
          (polar week) ------> 29 - 49 
                             33       45 
                              35     42  
           Christmas----------> 38-39  


24. Woche (15. - 21. September)

Sich selbst erschaffend stets,
Wird Seelensein sich selbst gewahr;
Der Weltengeist, er strebet fort
In Selbsterkenntnis neu belebt
Und schafft aus Seelenfinsternis
Des Selbstsinns Willensfrucht.

24th week: (September 15 - 21)

By constantly creating itself,
My soul becomes aware of itself.

The cosmic spirit strives on---
In newly animated self-realization---

And creates out of soul darkness
the fruit of my will---

The sense of myself.


29. Woche (20. -26. Oktober)

Sich selbst des Denkens Leuchten
Im Innern kraftvoll zu entfachen,
Erlebtes sinnvoll deutend
Aus Weltengeistes Kraeftequell,

Ist mir nun Sommererbe---

Ist Herbstesruhe---

Und auch Winterhoffnung.


29th week: (October 20 - 26)

To ignite the light of thinking
so forcefully within me---

To live within the meaning
of the cosmic spirit's source of power---

This is for me:

The heritage of summer,

The tranquillity of fall,

The hope of winter.


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