Calendar of the Soul Verses

Twenty Third Week / Thirtieth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#23) and its polar opposite (#30). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Easter, (which is Verse #1 with Polar verse #52). We have passed St. John's Tide (#12), which occurs right after the Summer Solstice and marks the top of the lemniscate. (Christmas marks the bottom). We are now moving toward the crossing point which will occur at Michaelmas (#26) while the polar verse (#30), is now fast approaching Michaelmas "from the future."

Please note that Polar Verse #30 covers the Day of the Dead, November 1.

This week's (#23) has dates of: September 8 -14
The polar verse (#30) corresponds to the week: October 27 - November 2

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                              11     16
                             6        19
                               3     23 <------ (this week's verse)
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                               27 - 52 
        (polar verse) ------> 30     48  
                             33       46 
                              36     42  
           Christmas----------> 38-39  


23. Woche (8. - 14. September)

Es daempfet herbstlich sich
Der Sinne Reizesstreben;
In Lichtesoffenbarung mischen
Der Nebel dumpfe Schleier sich.

Ich selber schau in Raumesweiten
Des Herbstes Winterschlaf.
Der Sommer hat an mich
Sich selber hingegeben.

23rd week: (September 8 - 14)

Autumn now subdues
My senses' strivings for enchantment.

A stifling, hazy mist swirls
Within the revelation of the light.

I myself look into the wide expanse of space,
And see the winter-sleep of fall.

Summer has surrendered itself
entirely to me.


30. Woche (27. Oktober - 2. November)

Es spriessen mir im Seelensonnenlicht
Des Denkens reife Fruechte
In Selbstbewusstseins Sicherheit
Verwandelt alles Fuehlen sich.

Empfinden kann ich freudevoll
Des Herbstes Geisterwachen:
Der Winter wird in mir
Den Seelensommer wecken.


30th week: (October 27 - November 2)

In the sunlight of my soul
The ripe fruits of thinking
Are springing forth.

In the certainty of self-consciousness
All feeling transforms itself.

Filled with joy!
I am now able
To feel the fall spirit awaken
within me:

Winter will awaken
The summer of my soul.


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