Calendar of the Soul Verses

Ninteenth Week / Thirty Fourth Week

Here is the next pair of Calendar of the Soul verses for this week (#19) and its polar opposite (#34). Note how the verses have diverged from the lemniscate's crossing point at Easter, (which is Verse #1 with Polar verse #52). We have passed St. John's Tide (#12), which occurs right after the Summer Solstice and marks the top of the lemniscate. (Christmas marks the bottom). We are now moving toward the crossing point which will occur at Michaelmas (#26) while the polar verse (#34), is now a month before Christmas and approaching Michaelmas "from the future."
This week's (#19) has dates of: August 11 - 17
The polar verse (#34) corresponds to the week: November 24 - 30

         St.John's ---------->  12-13
                               9     15 
                              6       19 <------(this week)
                                3    23
             Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                               27 - 52 
                              29     49  
                             32       45 
      (polar verse) ------->  34     42  
           Christmas----------> 38-39  


19. Woche (11. - 17.August)

Geheimnisvoll das Neu-Empfang'ne
Mit der Erinnerung zu umschliessen,

Sei meines Strebens weit'rer Sinn.

Er soll erstarkend Eigenkraefte
In meinem Innern wecken
Und werdend mich mir selber geben.

19th week: (August 11 - 17)

my memory is encompassed
by everything new I have received.

May all of it now become
the greater meaning of my striving---

Awakening in my inner being
my own ever-strengthening forces
which, ever-evolving,
give my own self
back to me.


34. Woche (24. - 30. November)

Geheimnisvoll das Alt-Bewahrte
Mit neuerstand'nem Eigensein
Im Innern sich belebend fuehlen:

Es soll erweckend Weltenkraefte
In meines Lebens Aussenwerk ergiessen
Und werdend mich ins Dasein praegen.


34th week: (November 24 - 30)

my being is resurrected.
And I feel within myself
all that I have preserved
from the past--- alive again!

Awakening cosmic forces
shall pour into my life's
outer deeds!

And, evolving,
these forces shall stamp me
onto existence.


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