Our Language: Take 2

Subject: please stop whining!
From: TomBuoyed@aol.com
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:28:39 -0800

Constance wrote:
>Well, Thanks for your replies about my distress with the language.
>The reason I am online with Steiner to begin with is because I live
>in the middle of nowhere in a place called Mellow Marsh on Soggy Bottom.

Dear Constance,

We live in the age of the Consciousness Soul, when the anti-social forces must unfold in society because of our spiritual evolution toward individual human freedom. Therefore, every single individual lives "in the middle of nowhere" whether online or not. Why do you have to feel that you are so special and that only you are suffering this condition? Instead of whining, bitching and indulging your ego in maudlin self-pity about your situation, why don't you just "get over it" and join the rest of the human race on this List? I mean, who died and made you Queen Bee of our universe? If you're looking for a good hive, there's the Anthroposophia List. (I know of 2 QB's over there who will make you feel nice and morally superior to us).

CONSTANCE: >I would like to have contact with spiritual type conversations or at least
>some relevance with folks who are aligned spiritually with similar

TOM: Well, you've come to the right place. Not only are most people here aligned spiritually, they many times get realigned. This is Father Tom's Etheric Body Shop where you can get all your sheathes realigned for free!

CONSTANCE: This is not to say that I wish to keep topics to only what Dr. Steiner said.

TOM: Well, I sure have a lot to say. And so does Emanuel. And JoAnn, and Bibi, and Bobby, and Hilmar and Don, and Art, and... topics that have been discussed here include many things Steiner never spoke about, such as BDSM (Bondage-Dominance/Sado-Masochism) and its place in modern spiritual striving, moral behaviorism and a lot of talk (and even action) about suicide.

CONSTANCE: I would appreciate not having to run into words which are crude and rude. It is just my preference.

TOM: I would appreciate not running into morally superior bitch goddesses (MSBGs) like you! But then again, you could really bond with the dynamic duad of MSBGs over on the Anthroposophia List.

CONSTANCE: This is not to say I don't succumb to the f word now and often, I will not be a hypocrite on that.

TOM: But you WILL be a hypocrite by succumbing to your own egotism. But hey, that true for ALL of us. We are ALL hypocrites. Why? Because the word "hypocrite" is the Greek word for "actor." An actor is someone who plays a part that is not himself. The experience of the Consciousness Soul Age is to feel yourself alienated from Nature, from others, from the spiritual world, and most importantly in this context FEELING ALIENATED FROM YOURSELF!!!! That is the status quo condition of Western humanity in 1998 AD. The problem is not the alienation , per se, but the denial of it! Why do you wish to keep on denying this obvious fact of our human life at this time and place in our spiritual evolution?

As Father Tom would say: "Better to say the f-word in public than feel morally superior in private."

CONSTANCE: I am just sick to death of the salacious environment we are living in,
> particularly with all this presidential mess going on.

TOM: If you want to throw up or die about it, you are welcome to do either activity here on Steiner98. Just don't WHINE about it. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you share with all of us the responsibility for the mess in Washington?

Let me quote you a Steiner verse, which is my favorite because when I lived in Spring Valley in 1980, Hans Fried showed me this verse actually handwritten by Rudolf Steiner on the back of his portrait. Sort of an autographed Steiner Baseball Card!

He wrote it especially for the founding of the Threefold Farm in Spring Valley in 1922, and I consider it the real verse for America, not that other one that is always touted as such.

Anyway, it goes like this:

"I look into the outside world
and there I find myself.
I look to the depths within myself
and there I find the outside world. "

So you see, Constance, the more you withdraw into your inner world in Oregon, the more the outer world, i.e. the mess in Washington, appears to you--- and appears to you as if you have no responsibility for creating it. Instead of whining and bitching about it, why don't try to UNDERSTAND why it is happening to you and all the rest of us?

CONSTANCE: I would like some kind of refuge from this.

TOM: Well, you can always commit suicide. I almost did. But I was too much of an existential chicken-shit to follow through on my threat, so here I am. Actually, though, Constance, Steiner98 will, in the long run, be the very best refuge you could ever find right now! So get your ass back here on the List!

CONSTANCE: Tom B remembered that I am a Waldorf teacher, thank you for that.
>I know that as a teacher, and I am a teacher now, not in Waldorf, I am a
>role model for the next generation.

TOM: Maybe this is the root of your problem. I recall you were teaching at the Kindergarden or 1st Grade level. One thing I have noticed about a lot of women who teach Waldorf kindergardens and lower grades. They do not know when to turn off the attitude they must have in the classroom. They tend to treat the parents and all other adults as if they were 6 year old children! It's a real egotisitcal power trip, and I don't mind it in you and other teachers, but please "put a lid on it" and realize that we are all adults on this newsgroup Constance. I would appreciate it if you would treat us as adults, but I would even appreciate it more if you would treat YOURSELF as an adult!!! JESUS MOTHER-FUCKING CHRIST, WOMAN, GROW UP!

CONSTANCE: I was so happy to be back online and to subscribe to the most important influence in my life, and to find crude words and references on the first letter I opened rather disappointed me.

TOM: Well, Constance, as per above, all this proves is that you are not in a kindergarden class anymore. And we are not your little pupils over which you love to wield power and control. PLEASE STOP WHINING!!!! >

CONSTANCE: there is a saying in Spanish:
Es mejor morir solo que en mala compania.
It is better to die alone than in bad company.

TOM: There is a saying in English that strikes me as the equivalent: "Oh, fuck me running, will you!" The fact is that even in GOOD company, we all die alone. That is the nature of dying.

CONSTANCE: So long all.

TOM: No, don't leave us yet! I've just begun my abuse! Well, OK, go off to your own self-absorbed little world. But, listen, on a more upbeat spiritual note, since you are bidding us your final farewell here, Constance, do you have any preferences for particular Steiner lectures or verses you would like for us to read to you after you die? It sounds like it won't be long before your funeral, so please let us know when the "blessed event" happens.

CONSTANCE: please send chocolate

TOM: I assume you want chocolate to be buried with you. I wouldn't advise it. There you'll be in Kama Loka, with this craving for chocolate and you'll look back on your corpse with all that chocolate in the coffin and your self-torture will be even worse. Better you eat all the chocolate before you die. I hear it's better to die with a full stomach than to die hungry. That's why they give condemned prisoners a last meal before their execution.

Father Tom,

the Immoderator of Steiner98

whose motto is:
"My existence may be in doubt; but I ain't dead yet!"

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