What Is The Intention Of Steiner98?

Subject: welcome, daniel!
From: TomBuoyed@aol.com
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 12:25:55 -0800

Daniel Perez wrote:
P.S. What is the intention of this list?

Dear Daniel,

Welcome to Steiner98! To answer your question, the intention of this list is to enhance my megalomania.

Now, having said that, I hope you will realize how such a statement is a complete contradiction in terms. For if I am truly megalomaniacal (and I am) then such megalomania could not possibly be any more enhanced than it already is!

But that is yet another one of the many wonderful paradoxes of the Consciousness Soul Age in which we live, and which we all, as anthroposophists, must come to terms with as we await with baited breath the arrival of Uncle Ahriman (could be Auntie Ahriman, n'est-ce-pas?) in his impending human incarnation just round the corner of the new Millennium.

Therefore, the intention of this list is to irritate the hell out of you and everyone else in order to experience the Consciousness Soul in 1998--- all under the auspices of me, myself and I, the 3-fold beings of my utterly crass, disgusting and irritating egotism. If, however, you wish to remain in a much more comfortable (read: Neo-Essene) Intellectual Soul experience of 1998, then I recommend subscribing to our "companion" (sic) group <Anthroposophia@intuition.org> or please keep your attention focused on the <anthropos-science> group from which I became acquainted with you and recruited you to Steiner98 with selected posts of mine.

On the other hand, (left hand actually, since the "right hand" of Steiner98 is Arhriman's) there is a group called <Spiritualscience> which is led by a man called Bruce who is steeped in anthroposophy, yet publishes telepathic messages his group of Esoteric Christians receive from high initiates among us who never die and never eat but only drink and they are called the "Elders of Humanity."

Hey, for all I know, these beings could actually be the mysterious Extraterrestrial Beings that Steiner talked about coming down to help us all out since Michael's regency started in 1879. These ETs are supposed to bring us spiritual science, but of course, we reject them. But hey, I don't reject them, but I do consider Bruce's group a Sentient Soul experience of anthroposophy in 1998. (Bruce does all the recruiting for his esoteric Christian cult on the Anthroposophia list; while I have been banned from that list, so whatever recruiting I do is on the science list--- even though I was banned from that list in February, 1997. I only posted there last month after a self-imposed 18 month excommunication.)

So there you have the whole 3-fold soul aspects of 4 Steiner listserve groups on the Internet. It's kind of like a cyber mall, don't you think? Whatever level of anthroposophy makes you comfortable, well, you are free to enter that "shoppe."

However, the only thing I "sell" here in this cyber mall shoppe is "discomfort," because that is the "sine qua non" of the experience of the Consciousness Soul. But let me use a word that is more anthroposophical. Instead of "discomfort," may I substitute "irritation." Now, isn't the Genius of Language wonderful? The ancient Greek word for "irritation" is "phlegma," and Goddamn it to Kama Loka and beyond, I have phlegma to spare! Up the ass and out the wazoo! Whoa, Nellie! Three cheers for the Root-Chakra!

(As we know from Steiner''s Agriculture course, if we didn't have really tight sphincters, we would not have brains!! It's true. You can look it up, right, Hilmar?)

Anyway, this gets to the reason for my megalomania. You see, I was graced by the cosmos with an extremely fat head. As a matter of fact, my hat size is 7 3/4 which I was told--- by the Quartermaster himself--- was the largest regulation hat size in the US Army back when I was outfitted for such a hat back in the Vietnam era.

(NOTE: I did meet a Zoomie (Air Force guy) with size 8 1/4 and felt humility for 5 minutes till I rationalized his fathead away as a definite freak of nature since his hat had to be custom made.)

Now, you know from the Camphill communities that the various cretins, retards, autistic savants and mongoloids there were classified by Steiner as either "large-headed" or "small-headed." I prefer the more colorful terms of "fatheads" and "pinheads."

You know that the "fatheads" are those creatures who are in deep sympathy with the angelic hierarchies and the expression of cosmic forces. Fatheads are way too dreamy and literally spaced-out into the entire universe. They live naturally in the bosom of Lucifer (and BTW, what a bosom it is! Lucy not only has big tits, but she's got a thousand of them as that ancient statue of Artemis at Ephesus depicts!)

Now I am most definitely one of those fat-headed mental/emotional/moral retards. (Well, actually the mental part is way over-developed; it's the other 2 that are correspondingly retarded.)

But hey, 1 out of 3 isn't bad and I'm also very proud of what little progress I've made so far in the retarded emotional and moral realms of my spiritual development. For example, I no longer drool, fart and/or play with my dick at the dinner table; however I do still masturbate a lot--- but in private, finally!--- and I only pick my nose occasionally in public.)

At the other extreme are the "pinheads," whose mutual antipathy with the cosmic beings and forces is so great that they are prone to gnarly Ahrimanic pedantry and crass, gross materialism. (A large percentage of pinheads let loose in society become college professors and/or computer geeks.)

Luckily, the vast majority of people are neither fatheads nor pinheads, so I gratefully depend on their largesse, not to mention "noblesse oblige" to keep me quarantined within the necessary limits of civilized bourgeois society--- at least here on the Internet. For example, Steiner98 is a private list as opposed to Anthroposophia which is a public list on Jeffrey Mishlove's Intuition Network.

I am very grateful to Jeffrey for providing this "cyber-quarantine" here on S98. (I liken Jeffrey to Father Damien who established the leper colony at Molokai.)

Now back to me (hee-hee! as if I ever strayed from that topic!) You see, Daniel, it's a "good news-bad news" situation. The bad news is: yes, I am a loathesome, disgusting megalomaniac, but the good news is that I am very much aware of it. And that awareness is my PARTICULAR, PERSONAL experience of anthroposophy in the Consciousness Soul Age and the experience that I share with all the other subscribers here on S98--- none of whom are megalomaniacs because there is room for only one such on this List. So please don't judge the other subscribers by me. They are all pretty normal wonderful human beings who are not afflicted at all with my moral cretinism and emotional depravity.

Recall from Steiner's "Theosophy" that the Consciousness Soul is the human ego awakening in the mineral physical body; whereas the Intellectual Soul is the human ego awakening in the "watery" etheric body.

With this in mind, I will answer your objections to the use of "foul language" here on S98 in a subsequent post. For now, I want to leave you with the following ideas to consider.

Your moralistic objection to foul language is an expression of what I have termed "moral behaviorism," in which you apply generalized mechanistic i.e. UNFREE standards of Luciferic morality (Intellectual Soul) when you should only be applying your own PARTICULAR, PERSONAL expression of FREE moral intuition. (Consciousness Soul)--- which always appears at first blush as Ahrimanic morality, which of course, is amorality. But more on that later.


P.S. I must make a plaintive appeal and heart-felt apology to Kathy Kremer for neglecting her question about sex and love. (How many weeks ago was that?)

Kathy, thanks for your patience! I am finally ready to address your question. But I've decided that the best way now is to piggy pack the answer to your question onto the answer I will give Daniel in the next installment. You see, in order to understand the clear distinction Steiner makes between sex and love, we must first view it through the experience of the ego in the 3 bodies, namely sentient, intellectual and consciousness souls.

Lucifer really has us "by the balls," as it were (including women since you gals have balls, too--- albeit large etheric ones), in mechanizing our moral judgment when we do NOT make the proper distinction between sex and love.

Not only Daniel, but even Emanuel is guilty of "Moral Behaviorism" and I will accuse them both in the next post and answer your question, Kathy. Then, you, Kathy, will get to impeach them, maybe even hoist them on Bobby's petard--- unless you consider such activity to be depraved.

Chocolate, anyone?

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