Un-Holy Mockery

Subject: un-holy mockery
From: jms@mich.com (JoAnn Schwartz)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 14:09:50 -0800

Dear Joel--

Well, at least you are beginning to look in the right direction, which is away from yourself. You take all this shit *so* *seriously*; it is such an insult to your 'gravitas' -- your Roman-like sense of dignity and honor. (I know, I know, it's an Italian/European/male-thang, I just wouldn't understand.) I was beginning to think your motto was:

***** If you can't bitch, why breathe? *****

Alas, Gravitas has little place on S98, because here Levitas rules. Levity, play, fun, mockery, a den of unholy iconoclasts are we! Court jesters turning cartwheels and back flips; placing bets on mud wrestling and jeering at the dignified ministers and the oh-so-important secretaries and the respectable aunties at tea. And if we get out of hand from time to time, well, Brother Bobby always seems to come up with a parable ..... And Father Tom is more than willing to take that beam out of his eye....

Kira noted, "I think that mockery exists...to harden up the softies out there"

JoAnn adds, "I think that mockery also exists...to soften up the hard cases out there"

If your sensibilities are oh-so-tender -- well, we'll work to toughen them up. If your sensibilities are protected by a rock hard shell -- well, we're not so fussy ya know, we'll work to crack that shell and let the tender shoot inside out to play and dream in the sun.

JOEL: So Tom and Bobby and others, if this is holy art you practice here,
> the art of mockery of pretense, then I appologise for not understanding,
> and honor your intentions and look forward to being an object of
> puncturing, for certainly, if anyone has demonstrated that they needed
> such a "shot", I have.

As my sainted granny used to say, "from your lips to God's ear". Probably nothing wrong with you that a good tickling couldn't cure, Joel. You're not really that bad, you know. Lighten up! Learn to play!

Or stick around and learn to suffer.... (hey, it's your trip....who am I to interfer with a man on a mission...)

In love, light, & laughter (quickly dissolving into giggles)

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