The Court Jester

He is the naughty jester in the theater of your inner house, with a prescient vision that is totally uncivilized. He is exactly what you see, but you will see only what you allow yourself to see. As a result, everyone sees someone different. He is known not so much by what you see in him, but what you become when you react to him. Beware! His vision into your soul is keen, and it will pierce your heart. He is the sin-eater whose being reflects back to you all that you seek to cover up. In his presence, you cannot hide your failings, for he will say the words you dare not speak. He lives his life without remorse, exciting fear in those who will not look within. He does not seek to please, destroying shrines and sacred cows with ruthless precision. He bares the buried feelings of your naked soul. Awakened to the nether world outside your comfort zone, you will writhe in agony, horrified to discover that you want to kill the messenger for having become seen and known in places you did not wish to become seen and known. Your motivation becomes your weapon or your defense. In challenging the jester to a duel, you find he doesn't play by the same rules that guide your world.

Beware! This Court Jester can sniff out falsehood a mile away. If you are not ready to face the truth he reflects back to you, then you will become shattered. But if you are not afraid, you will be startled to discover that it is possible to die and become. In Christo Morimur. And when you have broken free of the chains of your narrowed perceptions, you will be startled to discover that the Court Jester's heart has a depth you would not have thought possible. His actions challenge you daily to love that which you thought could not be loved. For in the end, that is all that guides you. And change can only be accomplished by loving. As a matter of fact, it cannot happen at all without it.

So listen to the Jester. He does not ask you to like him. But through your passage into the new millenium, it is essential that you love him.


Note: The Court Jester was written by a former subscriber to Steiner98.

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