Cosmic Eggs and Quantum Bacon

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Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 16:44:26 -0800

I don't know how many anthropops and moms are spinning in their graves right now, but the report of my play production in 1989 has been added to the "Chronology of Francis Bacon's Life" on the following website:

It's a rather long and very thorough chronology which starts with the martyrdom of St. Albans in 303 AD and ends with the launching of the SIRBACON website in 1997. (Of course, 95% of the chronology focuses on the years between Bacon's birth in 1561 and his death in 1626).

(Main web address is: )

Anyway, it must be an event of great WHS (World Historical Significance)

[Please go to P.S. note at end of post for explantion of WHS]

If you scroll down to the very end of the chronology, you'll see the following entry for 1989:


1989 "Cosmic Eggs and Quantum Bacon," a full-length metaphysical comedy by Tom Mellett is produced at University of Texas at Austin. The plot involves Leonardo da Vinci and Francis Bacon reincarnating as twins into a modern family to re-unite with Will Shakspur. Niels Bohr, Einstein and God appear, with Bohr playing Cupid in a way inspired by Bacon's 1609 essay on "Cupid and the Atom."


If you are wondering why apops & moms would be spinning in their graves, consider that Rudolf Steiner identified the previous incarnation of Sir Francis Bacon as that of Haroun al Rashid, the great leader of the Arab mystery center of Gondi-shapur in the 6th Century AD.

In fact, it seems that all the people whom Steiner trashed in the Karmic relationships lectures were always Arabs in a past life. Guys like Charles Darwin, Woodrow Wilson, Amos Comenius, etc. Steiner hated the Arabs with a fierce passion! He should have been nicer to them, especially to our President Woodrow Wilson!

I've concluded that Rudy was terminally pissed off at the Arabs because it was Arab scholars who translated Aristotle's writings from Greek into Arabic and brought them into very materialistic form. But hello! That's what they were supposed to do, so I wish Rudy would have gotten over his inner petulance against the Arabic stream. Shit, if it wasn't for all those keenly intellectual camel jockeys in the desert, nobody would have heard of douchebag Aristotle in Europe--- especially not Steiner in his next incarnation as Thomas Aquinas after his stint as Aristotle.

So next time, Rudy, show a little Galambos gratitude instead of getting all your a-pop followers all foamy at the mouth over anything Arabistic. No wonder Waldorf students are so weak in algebra!

Anyway, what's WHS about my play production is that it presents Sir Francis Bacon in a very positive light and part of the production costs were met by a small grant from the ASinA. Poetic justice? Or comedic karma? I don't know. But check out the whole Sirbacon website.

While it is true that Steiner denied that Francis Bacon was the true author of the Shakespeare plays, nonetheless Steiner does say that both Bacon and Shakespeare were inspired by the same Rosicrucian source--- who had to have been John Dee at the Court of Queen Elizabeth.

My own view--- my typical Moon-in-Libra split-the-difference attitude--- is that both Bacon and Shakespeare collaborated on the works attributed to Shakespeare--- that Bacon did all the writing, but the illiterate drunken actor Will was able to translate Bacon's ideas into good stagecraft.


P.S. *****(NOTE: The term WHS is a derisive jab at earnest anthroposophists who would use that designation for anything Rudolf Steiner ever did, no matter how trivial. For example, once Steiner drove a motor car to Zurich instead of taking the train. Some anthropop interpreted Steiner's action as a WHS event because it meant Steiner was grappling with Ahriman directly as an active driver instead of a passive passenger on a train. The point is that no event is too trivial to be transformed into an event of WHS if a serious-minded anthroposophist so decrees it.)

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